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Life Church Hermagor

Church Location: HERMAGOR

Church Name: LIFE Church Hermagor

Pastors/Leaders of Church: Hans & Heide Grollitsch

Heide came to faith in 1997, Hans in 2000. They met each other in LIFE Church and have 3 children. Hans left Hermagor as a young man thinking/hoping never to come back… until God called them.

What they love about LIFE Church:

The passion, the enthusiasm, the love for God and people, the expression and the joy. They have a passion to pioneer and to bring God‘s love close to the people.

What they love about Austria:

That it is a breathtakingly beautiful country.

Must knows about them:

Besides leading & pastoring the church, Heide is a Job-Coach and loves hunting for mushrooms in the forest, while Hans is a Graphic & Web Designer and hobby musician.

Short blurb about the church: (how long has it been there, what are they doing to reach people etc)

LIFE Church Hermagor was founded with the help of LIFE Church Villach. We moved there from Vienna as a couple in 2009 and took over the Church leadership in 2011. One Characteristic of our church is that we have many strong and committed women, but hardly any men. Besides church services, we serve our community through monthly columns in the newspaper, social commitment and cooperation with the Hermagor social welfare office and regular ladies nights. A specific prayer request would definitely be for more men to come to faith and join our church and for our own church building.

Information about the area: (could include some fun facts about the area):

County: Carinthia

Population of Town: 7,126

Population of Political District: 18,000

Features of the Town: surrounded by mountains

Features of the Political District: at the border to Italy, strong summer & winter tourism

Culinary Speciality: Kärtner Kasnudel & Reindling

The town of Hermagor has 7.126 inhabitants and the district of Hermagor 18.000. We are situated in the south of Austria, right on the border to Italy. Surrounded by mountains, our region is well known for summer and winter tourism.

Biggest needs in the area:

Challenges - Adults, but especially young people without orientation. Finding meaning mostly in alcohol consumption and pleasure. A wrong and wrongly shaped image of God that does not lead people towards faith, but away from it.


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