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Now is our opportunity to have a lasting IMPACT!

What We Do
Impact Europe
A Christian ministry founded by Gianni and Angela Gaeta. Based in Vienna, they are dedicated to bringing godly influence into every sphere of secular society by planting vibrant Churches and training leaders throughout Central Europe.
Planting Churches that influence towns and cities
By leading individuals to a living faith in Christ.
By creating a spiritual community where together, growth and empowerment can happen, while living daily lives of influence in our world. 
Training leaders
to have a transformational mindset
By living a culture of healthy discipleship, growth and empowerment within every
local Church.
By making the 2 year, bi-vocational course of the "Life and Leadership Academy" accessible to all.
Impacting a secular society through the power and relevance of God
By being present and loving our world
as spirit filled believers called to be agents
of positive change.
By expressing spiritual truths, exercising the power of prayer and displaying the supernatural reality of God's involvement in an understandable way.
Kind words from our friends
- Ian Green -
Speaker, Coach, Consultant, Author and Founder of Global Transformation
"Impact Europe, led by Gianni and Angela Gaeta, have made a consistent impact in Austria and now other nations around them. After observing and partnering with them for over 3 decades, their practical and strategic approach to church planting that creates community impact is inspiring.
Image by Arnaud STECKLE

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