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Church Planting



To lead individuals to a living faith in Jesus Christ and create a community context local church, where together they can grow in God and be salt and light in their world.


To create a spiritual home in every town, for all generations that is the source of influence to promote God and Godly values  in every area of society.

To plant and establish churches that are relevant and modern in their public expression and firmly grounded in biblical truth.

To use the proven and tested experience gained in Austria over the past 35 years to inspire a fresh wave of church planting.



We believe the local church with Christ as the head is Gods ordained solution to bringing heaven to earth and give every individual the possibility of enjoying a spiritual family.



By using more than just one method

of church planting and being innovative, flexible and determined.

We love start-ups!

By using the arts, music and various modern forms of evangelisation to reach people.

By being knitted into a Church Planting movement under clear leadership with a pioneer spirit,

a DNA of reproduction and relational strength.

By understanding that here in Central Europe it takes time to break new ground, God is not in a hurry and it will grow, it is only a matter of time and endurance.


Impact Europe led by Gianni and Angela Gaeta have made a consistent impact in Austria and now other nations around them. After observing and partnering with them for over 3 decades, their practical and strategic approach to church planting that creates community impact is inspiring. The ability to change mindsets to a Kingdom mentality and intentional processes is leaving an imprint of Jesus everywhere and every person they encounter.

- Ian Green. Speaker, Coach, Consultant, Author and Founder of Proton Foundation



Austria is a landlocked country of 9 and a half million inhabitants, situated in the centre of Europe, bordering 8 nations and can boast of a wealth of natural beauty, a rich heritage of culture, arts and music and enjoys economic stability and peace.


A desperate country, living oblivious to the spiritual drought and lack of purpose in life when God is not central.


A nation of vast natural beauty, from mountain ranges to pristine coastlines, offering world renowned culinary specialties served with love and a hospitable passion.


Christianity once thrived in Italy, but it soon became a formalised state religion bereft of much of its life and relationship to God is now mainly a cultural tradition with Rome as a central feature.


The north is mostly secular, with a growing following of New Age and pagan practices. Whereas the south has a mixture of religion and Folklore in which prayers would often be said to a saint or an angel instead of addressed to God.


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