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Impacting a Secular Society


To express the heart of God in a modern and understandable way, finding words to explain the relevance of the gospel and the biblical world view that makes sense in life here and now.

To facilitate connections between like minded Christians who then together can encourage each other in their sphere of action.



God has something to say about each of the issues and needs in secularised Europe and he wants to say it through the church.


We need to be part of the solution to the needs being faced and wise influencers who understand Gods view and can lead

as agents of change.

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Helping each church to have a loving and serving heart for their town and county.


Continuing to start Christian Schools and Kindergarten within the Trinity Network.

Creating support communities of like minded Christians for various areas of influence and Action.

Being a visible force offering prayer, help and light within New Age festivals.

Hosting worship events and various prayer activities as well as healing services to display the power of God.

Social engagement on a local level which can become a model for other towns.


Partner with us and facilitate church planting

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