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Our Call

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Behind Impact Europe

Gianni and Angela Gaeta are a Southern Italian and Cornish combination, who now speak German and have lived in Austria for over 35 years.

Gianni and Angela Gaeta moved to Austria as 22 year old missionaries and they have not lost their fervour 37 years later. They still long to see precious people find faith in Jesus Christ, and then be planted into a vibrant local church and build the Kingdom of God.


They founded and lead the Church Planting

Movement, 'Life Church', have established a 'Life

and Leadership Academy', train and mentor men and women to be agents of change in the society and dream of duplicating this model throughout Europe. 


Who are we?

Marriage partners on a wild adventure, still in love after 37 years and young at heart with no concept for retirement!


Grateful parents of three adult children and doting Grandparents of two little girls.


Multilingual and multicultural, passionate lovers of Jesus and His Church and Ambassadors for His Kingdom.

Senior Leaders of Life Church Vienna, Life Church Salzburg and Life Church Bari, South Italy, leaders of the Life Church Movement and conference speakers and church advisors.


Where have we come from?

Gianni is from the Mediterranean, Taranto, South Italy with a French mother and Italian Father.

Angela is from a farm in beautiful Cornwall, the South West of England, loved reading the story of Heidi and dreamt of the mountains.

Where are we now?

At home in Central Europe, on the outskirts of Vienna.

Why Austria?

Because of the clear call of God to

Angela at just 17 years old and at Bible College it became a joint call.


Where are we heading?

Nowhere else. Central Europe is the place to be!

To give many people worldwide the joy and satisfaction of partnering with us in this exciting opportunity to positively change nations in our lifetime


Partner with us and facilitate church planting

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