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Life Church Wolfsberg

Church Name: LIFE Church Wolfsberg

Church Location: Klagenfurterstrasse 66. WOLFSBERG

Church Service: Sunday 10.30 am

Pastors/Leaders of Church: Sabine & Michael Unterberger

Sabine grew up in a small Village in Upper Austria and gave her life to Jesus, in 1986 as a child. Michael grew up in Wolfsberg and more or less also in the LIFE Church as his Mum took him along from the very beginning of LIFE Church Leoben & Klagenfurt before a church was planted in Wolfsberg. He gave his life to Jesus at a LIFE Church Kids Camp in 1998. Sabine knew LIFE Church people through youth camps and officially joined in 2007 and it's quite obvious how Michael and Sabine met :)

What they love about LIFE Church:

Heartfelt and irreligious passion for the kingdom of God. We experience and work together on our vision, an expression of LIFE Church in every political district of Austria.

What they love about Austria:

The landscape of Austria is wonderful, heavenly. It is a privilege to live in such a safe and beautiful country as Austria.

What they love about Church planting & leadership:

That through building churches we create a place where heaven kisses earth. We promote a „kingdom of God“ culture and thus make a difference in our society, in which people get to know Him, experience freedom, discover purpose and families and relationships are changed in a positive way.

What you MUST KNOW about them:

Sabine is overjoyed when she can read in peace. Sometimes, however, a girls‘ evening with Jane Austin and lots of chips or a fantasy film evening with Michael is needed. As a child Sabine wanted to become an actress or evangelist, Reinhard Bonnke was her role model. Michael likes to cook and loves Italian food, he is a fan of good films and is happy about every game in which he emerges as the winner :) He wanted to become a Veterianarian but changed his mind after an internship during school.

Life Church Wolfsberg then and now:

The Church began in January 1998 and emerged from a house group that had been looked after by LIFE Church Leoben & Life Church Klagenfurt since mid-1990. Sabine and Michael were appointed as the new leaders in 2017 and Sabine was the first female lead pastor in Life Church.

The LIFE Church Wolfsberg were instrumental in planting LIFE Church Murtal and are now seeing an increased influx of people coming from the district of Völkermarkt, where there is no LIFE Church yet and so an obvious next “Start-up”. Children's ministry has a high priority as more and more young families are becoming part of the church.

As LIFE Church Wolfsberg we join in monthly non-denominational prayer meetings with all churches in Wolfsberg. We work in cooperation with „Neustart“ helping people to find their way out of crime, we organise a weekly meeting place for mothers with babies and toddlers and run the social project „Helping Hands“ supporting families in need.

County: Carinthia

Population of Town: 25,000

Population of Political District: 52,600

Features of the Town: A beautiful Tudor style castle, a good soccer team, a great proportion of agriculture but only a few large companies have settled here, tourist area especially for sportive activities.

Features of the Political District: Wolfsberg lies in a valley between the Mountain ranges Koralpe and Saualpe with the river Lavant running through it, this is where the region has its name from - Lavantal. It borders Styria in the north and Slovenia in the south and has a central location between the Carinthian capital Klagenfurt and the Styrian Capital Graz.

Culinary Speciality: Winegrowing has a long tradition in Lavantal and are known for fruit cultivation, especially for the banana apple variety, but also for the asparagus cultivation AND Kärnternudeln.

  • We need a place for hope in the face of A lot of deppession, high suicide rate, heavy drug use and the use of violence in families.

  • We need a place for encouragement to support children, young people, families, single women, senior citizens.

  • We need a place for healing of the many emotional and mental wounds.

  • We need a place of community to be who you are without prejudice.

  • We need a place of joy as the people are rather pessimistic with a negative mindset and reserved.


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