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Life Church Vienna

Church Name: LIFE Church Vienna

Church Location: Leebgasse 34. 1100 Vienna

Church service: Saturday 4.30pm

Pastors/Leaders: Gianni and Angela Gaeta. Margit Ausserhofer.


Gianni and Angela have always worked as a team when possible and with their 3 children getting older Angela was able to invest her time, energy and passion into pastoring the Church under Giannis clear leadership until the end of 1999. Wearing various hats in Ministry has also always been part of their life and so they have always sought to divide their time and attention well between the local church and other commitments while leading the national movement.

Margit was born and grew up in South Tyrol/Italy and gave her life to Jesus at the beginning of her 20's. She always wanted to work with people and help them, she moved to Vienna for her studies and afterwards stayed to work as a social worker.

What she loves about LIFE Church:

That there is always more and always something new - new ground to cover, more social responsibility, new churches to plant, more impact to make, new people to reach… That we encourage people - to dream big, think out of the box, to do unconventional things… That we are naturally supernatural - we live life to the fullest, with each other and for each other, together we have fun and together we find deep purpose. That we are a movement for young and old, men and women.

What she loves about Austria: The different dialects, the diversity of nature and landscapes, the culture, the long tradition of volunteering and commitment.

What she loves most about Church planting & leadership:

Meeting God with other people, serving and experiencing him together. That people get to know Him better and better, discover what is inside them and what identity they really have. That people experience freedom and acceptance. When people and the church make a difference, in the lives of individuals and in society.

What you MUST KNOW about her:

She is Viennes by choice (originally coming from the high mountains of Southern Tyrol), she loves good coffee, sneakers and fresh flowers

Life Church Vienna then and now:

LIFE Church Vienna was founded by Angela & Gianni and a team of young adults who from 1994 onwards regularly traveled from Leoben to Vienna. In 1997 the Gaeta family moved to Vienna. In the autumn of 1999 with the opening service of the newly rented church facilities the official beginning of Life Church Vienna is registered.

Margit was appointed “ as Pastor at the beginning of 2000.

Having the movements Lead Pastors also be the Lead Pastors of LIFE Church Vienna, impacts the Church mightily. Many musicians and artist call LIFE Church Vienna their spiritual home, as well as people from all generations - young families, youth, young adults, seniors, etc.

LIFE Church Vienna has sent our people to plant churches in Lienz, Hermagor, Eisenstadt and Horn and we head up the social ministry SLOSH - spread love or stay home. We are involved in the districts where we are located, networking with various NGOs and associations and collecting project based donations.


County: Vienna

Population of City = Political District: 1.9 million

Features of the City:

Capital of Austria, seat of the government, a lot of culture and history, multicultural, it is said that Vienna is different (Compared to the rest of Austria) and it is true - it it the only big city.

Features of the region:

The Danube flows through the City, there are many district capitals around Vienna.

Culinary Speciality:

Wiener Schnitzel, Sachertorte, Kaiserschmarrn, but also oriental cuisine.

Challenges we face are the Loneliness and the feeling of being lost in the big city - be it for the older generation but also for the younger ones, as well as for families when grandparents or other family members do not live nearby.


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