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Life Church Salzburg

Church Name: LIFE Church Salzburg

Church Location: Judengasse 13. SALZBURG

Church Service: Sunday 6pm

Pastors/Leaders: Gianni & Angela Gaeta

Giannis leadership skills and wealth of experience are exactly what is needed in this season of transition within the church and it is a great joy to work with a passionate, committed team of men and women who do most of the pastoral work and all live locally.

Life Church Salzburg was the first established small fellowship of believers with a self appointed leader that sought to join the relational movement in 2013 as opposed to all the other churches in which we were involved in from the conception.

This has been an interesting experience in which much has been learned and will surely help us immensely in similar situations in the future.

We are excited to see how God will add to the small Church in Salzburg and establish new leadership to fulfil His great plans and purposes in a key City in the nation.

County: Salzburg

Population of City = Political District: 157,000

Features of the City:

Salzburg is a cultural capital, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, birthplace of numerous musicians and artist and not to forget THE „Sound of Music“ city. Salzburg is the tourist attraction #1 in Austria and also Austrians visit the city for all kinds of cultural activities and events.

Features of the Political District:

Salzburg is the 4th largest city in Austria and located in the Salzburger basin, characteristics of the city are the city mountains, the river Salzach flowing through the city and the Hohensalzburg fortress, which can be seen from afar, in the north-west the city borders to Freilassing/Germany.

Culinary Speciality:

Pinzgauer Kasnocken, Bauernschmaus, Gröstel

Biggest needs in the area:

In the 17th century Salzburg was the Centre of the „Counter-Reformation“ and Catholicism is still firmly rooted in its tradition and a strong sense of pride and self sufficiency.


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