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Life Church Murtal

Church Name: LIFE Church Murtal

Church Location: Veranstaltungszentrum. Judenburg.

Church Service: Sunday 4 pm

Pastors/Leaders of Church: David & Steffi Pichler, (Bi-vocational) Esther Aitkuliev


Esther oversees the Church as pastor but lives in Villach.

David and Steffi are the local leaders in training. David grew up in LIFE Church and gave his life to Jesus in 2004, Steffi in 2007, and met while serving together. David got involved volunteering in LIFE Church as a teenager using his talents in the area of media and web production and his profession and business has grown in partnership with a church friend.

What they love about LIFE Church:

David: you are allowed to bring in your gifts and talents and they are also encouraged.

Steffi: the cohesion, the willingness to move forward, the willingness to change.

What they love about Austria:

David: The culture, the humor and the food. I love that Austria is truly gifted for beauty. It is also a beautiful and safe country.

Steffi: The landscape, it is such a beautiful country.

What they love about Church planting & leadership:

Bringing forth new things

Leading people into their potential

Cultivating kingdom culture

Life Church Murtal, then and now.

Planted in 2004 with a leading couple and a very small group of believers from the Life Church Wolfsberg. The initial stage was a monthly service which slowly became more regular while meeting during the week in Life Groups.

Since 2020 Esther Aitkuliev has taken the leading role with Steffi and David as local pastors.

The church location is very central in a conference centre and various forms of outreach attract new friends.


County: Styria

Population of Town: 10.000

Population of Political District: 70.000

Features of the Town:

It used to be an important trading town on a river route and is also historically renowned. We have a strong industry as well as many tourist highlights. (Power the Murtal, Zirbenland etc.)

Features of the Political District: The Red Bull Formula 1 Racing Circuit is located close by and gaining in popularity. Being surrounded by beautiful mountains and the Mur valley being the largest inner alpine basin in Europe there are many attractions. There is an air defense base in Zeltweg and the home of the historical Strettweg Chariot, a bronze cult wagon from 600 BC which was found in a princely grave in 1851 is close to Judenburg.

Challenges we face are the sense of self sufficiency and pride in managing life well and sensing no need of faith in God.


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