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Life Church Liezen

Church Name: LIFE Church Liezen

Church Location: Salbergweg 10. LIEZEN

Church Service: Saturday 5 pm

Pastors/Leaders: Hilli & Ingo Plonner (Bi-vocational)


Hilli grew up in Carinthia as a farmers daughter and gave her life to Jesus when she was 14 years old and attended Life Church Villach in its early stages. Ingo was born and grew up in Leoben/Styria ( Is Helges younger brother) and gave his life to Jesus when he was 19 and a rock musician. They met each other in LIFE Church, during youth camps and now have three teenage children.

What they love about Life Church:

The relationships & friendships, that we are open for change and new things, that we stay moldable, that pioneers grow in our midst, the respect and love for one another at leadership level, our Apostolic Team, that we never give up and that we have a clear kingdom of God mentality

What do they love about Austria:

The landscape, the culture, the rural areas with a genuine sense of neighborhood closeness, economic stability, local innovation, the clean water, Vienna.

What they love about Church planting and leadership

To watch people blossom in the Lord and in the Church and watch what happens when God touches a life.

What you MUST KNOW about them:

Ingo loves rock music and football (soccer) and has now become a children’s football coach. Hilli enjoys listening to good music :), gardening or going for a walk with a friend. She also likes being creative and hosting people in their home.

Life Church Liezen then and now.

Hilli & Ingo moved from Leoben to Liezen in 2000 as a young married couple after asking Gianni in which area he dreamed of having the next Life Church and so they started a Driving School to then start a Life Group in their home. Small Church services followed and by 2005 they were an established Life Church.

Music & Worship is a very important part of Church life and also Kids Church and Kids Club (an afternoon program)

We work together with the local food bank „Die Tafel“ and they are well know and well respected business people in the town.


County: Styria

Population of Town: 8,220

Population of Political District: 80,000

Features of the Town: commercial center, schools for the area.

Features of the Political District: It’s a wonderful area with mountains, alpine pastures, valleys and lakes for hiking, other sportive activities and tourism.

Culinary Speciality: Farmers doughnuts and Alm pastries.

Challenges: The migration of young people to larger cities, high suicide rate.


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