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Life Church Klagenfurt

Church Name: LIFE Church Klagenfurt

Church Location: St. Veiterstrasse 195. KLAGENFURT

Church service: Sunday 10.30 am

Pastors/Leaders: Esther Aitkuliev & Franz Guzelnig

Esther was born in Villach, grew up in Germany, gave her life to Jesus in Austria when she was 18, bible school in Munich, 11 years of mission, back in Austria since 2000.

Her husband Bola was born in Kyrgyzstan, gave his life to Jesus there as one of the first Kyrgyz (at that time 'Unreached People') and has been on mission since 1999 - first in Indonesia, then Austria and now in politics.

Esther & Bola met in Kyrgyzstand and are part of LIFE Church since 2000. They have 2 adult Children: Samira & Rick.

What they love about LIFE Church:

That we build the Kingdom of God through relationships and friendship. That we are flexible, willing to learn and embrace change.

What they love about Austria:

We are a cozy people who like fellowship with each other. In contrast to the other German-speaking countries like Switzerland or Germany - there work and what you do for living is in the foreground. With us, the joy of life is in the foreground. In addition, the beauty of our country - the mountains, the lakes.

What they love about Church planting & leadership:

Watching God change people, see them come into their potential, and God's kingdom expand.

What you MUST KNOW about them:

As a teenager Esther was heavily depressed and only thought about dying. She did not want to get any older than 18 years. Today Esther has an incredible gift in teambuilding and building structures. Through her years of experience in ministry she is unshakable.

Life Church Klagenfurt then and now!

The Life Church Klagenfurt was the second Church to be pioneered under Giannis leadership in 1990 as he was asked by a small group of Business Men who had recently come to faith through the ministry of the Full Gospel Business Men to help them become a local church. Gianni travelled weekly to KLagenfurt in the early days to teach and bring leadership and then appointed a young man as pastor who led the church for further years but not without challenges and some changes in leadership.

When still relatively small itself though the Klagenfurt Church assisted to pioneer and plant the Life Church Villach.

Under the leadership of Hubert Jarnig the church has enjoyed many years of stability but not great growth and finds itself now in a season of leadership transition and we are excited about the prospects of a younger couple moving in to pastor and lead the church within the next years.

County: Carinthia

Population of Town: 280.000

Population of Political District: 580.000

Features of the Town: Klagenfurt has the university of the province, is the provincial capital. Situated at one end of the large lake called the Wörthersee Klagenfurt has a prime position and attraction.

Features of the Political District: a highly touristic area with many lakes, mountains, castles and places of interest.

Culinary Speciality:

Carinthian cream cheese dumpling.

Again the challenge is the superficial wellbeing but a depth of emptiness, lack of purpose leading to alcohol abuse, broken families and high suicide rate.


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