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life Church Innsbruck

Church Location: INNSBRUCK

Church Name: LIFE Church Innsbruck

Pastors/Leaders of Church: Hans & Sophia Kristen

Sophia grew up in the mountain village Köfels, Hans in Innsbruck. They both got saved in 1989 and joined LIFE Church in 2016. Their three children are 33, 31 and 29 years of age. As Hans and Sophia got baptised, they as a married couple received a prophetic word that God would use them to plant and pastor a church. This word was followed by 28 years of service in various areas of the same charismatic church. They joint Life Church in 2016 through the Leadership Academy which was followed by both of them being ordained 3years later. In 2016 they also started a LIFE Group in their home.

What they love about LIFE Church:

That we are a family.

What they love about Austria:

The nature, the culture, to be able to live in freedom

Must knows about them:

Sophia loves to set tables nicely, and to write books & songs. Hans spends time gardening, as a musician arranging songs and loves technology.

Short blurb about the church: (how long has it been there, what are they doing to reach people etc)

LIFE Church Innsbruck started off in the pastors home. The first service was held in 2018 and from then on once a month, from 2020 every two weeks and from 2021 weekly. A characteristic of the church is that they love to celebrate and pray passionately for healing. Two of their social projects are: To give away lovingly designed gift bags with encouraging sayings on them and with sweets at Halloween & Shoe boxes filled with presents to Romanian orphans at Christmas.

Information about the area: (could include some fun facts about the area):

County: Tyrol

Population of City: 140,000

Population of Political District: 320,000

Features of the City: With 1.5 million tourists every year and more than 300,000 students, the city is bigger and livelier than its population suggests. Features of the Political District: Since Innsbruck is located in the center of the Alps, it is also called the capital of the Alps.30 minutes to Italian or German border.

Culinary Speciality: Tiroler Speckknödel

Innsbruck town has 140.000 inhabitants & the district around 320.000.

It's the capital of the county Tirol and its economic center. Very strong in tourism; beautiful mountains, large forests, lakes and never ending opportunities for outdoor sports and activities.

Biggest needs in the area:

Challenges - Broken families & alcohol consumption


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