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Life Church Eisnstadt

Church Location: Eisnstadt

Church Name: LIFE Church Eisenstadt

Pastors/Leaders of Church: Petra & Roland Strejcek

Petra was born in Solingen/Germany, she grew up in the former Czechoslovakai in Ostrava under communism and came to Austria at the age of 15. Roland grew up in Vienna as a typical Viennese with Czech-Hungarian-Burgenland roots.

Petra gave her life to Jesus Athen age of 15 in an underground church in Ostrava and after a „break of faith“ again with full commitment at around 26. Roland was 30 when he got saved, inspired by the changes he saw in his wife. They have been part of LIFE Church since …. (Zusammenschluss von LC & Christliche Familie)

What they love about LIFE Church:

That we include and love people, meet them where they are, that we are an attractive and contemporary church that stands on a firm biblical foundation.

What they love about Austria:

It‘s my home, it‘s where I‘m from, it‘s where I belong.

What they love about Church planting & leadership:

It is exciting and exhausting at the same time to enter new territory, to build everything from scratch, to struggle through, and on the other hand to watch and marvel at which doors God opens and which miracles He does. But the most beautiful thing is to experience how people find Jesus, convert, change their lives and become disciples.

What you MUST KNOW about them:

Petra is a passionate player of board games and hosts regular game nights.

Roland enjoys playing and singing folks music. Besides leading and pastoring the church he is a real estate agent for a banking company and in the past has worked as a hard & software developer, product/brand/sales/department manager, as CEO and entrepreneur.

Short blurb about the church: (how long has it been there, what are they doing to reach people etc):

We had our first event in Eisenstadt on February 15th 2014. We oversaw the start of the church from Lower Austria. We started with a monthly evening gathering and a LIFE Group. We moved to Eisenstadt in the summer of 2015 and had our first official church service in September.

Most of our church members are families with children and elderly people.

Roland is the regional director of the Evangelical Alliance North Burgenland and actively works with the other churches in the area. A prison ministry and an interdenominational youth group is in the planning stages.

We have not yet sent people out to further church plant, but will do and are praying for these three further locations: Mattersburg, Oberpullendorf and Neusiedl

Information about the area: (could include some fun facts about the area):

County: Burgenland

Population of Town: 15,000

Population of Political District: 43,000

Features of the Town: It is the smallest County Capital (provincial capital) of Austria, it is located close to the Hungarian border, it has more jobs than inhabitants and therefore many commuters from Hungary, it has been strongly influenced by the princely family Esterhazy and the composer Joseph Haydn, it is a culturally very attractive city and located close to the lake Neusiedl.

Features of the Political District: We are located in the Pannonian lowlands, our Leithagebirge is only about 400m high, we have the most hours of sunshine in Austria and we are, due to the Neusiedlersee, a steppe lake overgrown with reeds, the nature reserve Seewinkel is the region with the most bird species in Europe. Due to its sunny climate and gentle hills, Theresienwiese is an excellent winegrowing area, which is internationally very well known. This also shapes the self-image (self-conception) and attitude to life of its inhabitants. We are cozy, hospitable, down-to-earth, love wine, good food and the beautiful countryside.

Culinary Speciality: Wine red and white, meat from the Mangalitz pig and the traditional Martins goose.

Biggest needs in the area:

Challenges - Because people are doing so well on the outside, they can live very well in Burgenland and forget about God


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