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Life Church Graz

Church Location: Graz

Church Name: LIFE Church Graz

Pastors/Leaders of Church: Dani & Thomas Lausegger

Dani and Thomas originate from Carinthia. In 2015, after being part of the LIFE Church Villach for 12 years and very involved especially in the founding of the Christian school and kindergarten, they gave their whole life to Jesus and moved to Graz. They have 3 children of the age 18,15 and 3.

What do they love about LIFE Church:

To be able to experience the exciting and at the same time encouraging development of the Church over the long run, that personal callings are detected and celebrated no matter age, gender or origin & the strength, structure and possibilities of anapostolic movement. LIFE Church is relatable.

What they love about Austria:

Dani lived abroad for some time and only through this distance realized what a great, beautiful and special country Austria is. Thomas loves the people, the mountains, the lakes.. All in all, he thinks Austria is the most beautiful country in the world.

What they love about Church planting & leadership:

The diversity of people, the challenges and especially the joy it brings to be able to do something that goes beyond oneself and to create what wasn‘t there before, to empower people.

Must knows about them:

Thomas likes to go into the mountains. Dani enjoyed gardening and loves to get to know the city and her new home while having breakfast in various places.

Short blurb about the church: (how long has it been there, what are they doing to reach people etc)

In 2014 a Christian group formed and regularly met in the ROX Music & Grill Bar and reached out to Gianni to mentor them. In 2015 Dani and Thomas moved to Graz. The first official Church service took place in April 10th, 2016 and in the following years continued either on a Sunday afternoon in an art & leisure Centre or on Monday evenings in the ROX Music & Grill Bar.

Information about the area: (could include some fun facts about the area):

County: Styria

Population of City = Political District: 290,000

Features of the City: known to be a „Student City“ - StudentenStadt

Culinary Speciality: Backhendl & Vogerlsalat

Graz is the capital City of the district Styria, has a population of around 290.000 people and is the 2nd largest city in Austria.

Today the Church building is located in the neighbourhood "Lend“, which lies right beside the city centre and is "the place to be“, either at the markets during the day or for its nightlife.

Biggest needs in the area:

Typical challenges of a large town/district capital: mental hardship, as there are a lot of people with psychological problems, loneliness, crime, high immigration…


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